About Jerry Walker

Pro-education without indoctrination

  • Constitutionalist
  • Veteran – 28 years in U.S. Navy as Corpsman with Marine Corps combat operations in Vietnam, Special Operations Support in Africa and Acting Public Health Officer in Kurdish Iraq
  • Precinct Captain Republican Party in LD16 District 5
  • Public Health Educator
  • Served on the Maricopa County Community College Board (MCCCD)
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health, Psychology and Sociology
  • Masters in Psychology and Counseling
  • Masters Degree in Christian Education
  • Pro-Life
  • Pro-Family
  • Pro-2nd Amendment


Make Education Great Again

Your education tax dollars are a sacred trust.  I will always vote to protect that trust. Illegal activity that includes misfeasance and malfeasance are activities that should be guarded against.

  • Provide Leadership
  • Advocate for Veterans
  • Support Efforts for Great Schools and Great Educators
  • Attract, create and retain quality jobs
  • Create community education hubs near you